When Shake Boss established early 2014 we knew we were setting a trend for others to follow.

Here at Shake Boss we thrive for uniqueness and versatility, doing everything possible to make each and every moment exclusive to you! Our Shake Boss specialists emit family friendly values making us perfect for any occasion, and our state of the art fully colour changing LED bar makes us picture-perfect for any venue.

With a dire need to spread the joy, we thought what better way than to serve it on wheels in a milkshake blend!

Here at Shake Boss we look to satisfy everyone from children to adults and we are versatile enough for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or baby shower – you name it and we will cater for it! We also cater for segregated events, providing all female or all male staff.

Not only do we offer the best of the best in service and products, we also offer the most amounts of fun and uniqueness. After all, it’s not what the guests will see that they will remember, it’s what they will experience!

We don’t call ourselves specialist for nothing, so if there is anything we can assist you with, don’t be too shy to ask – we will always be happy to help.

With shakes so delicious and blends so unique, your guests will always leave the event with the perfect taste in their mouth and a smile on their face.